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Frankly, you barely need to give me an excuse to speak. If you want me to come speak at your event/ festival/ organisation, I’m happy to do so. As with training, if you’re a non-profit or similar, then all I ask is travel and some kind of caffeine delivery system in my hand the second I walk through the door. If you’re Stark Industries, drop me an email to discuss terms.

I’m happy to talk to groups of any size, from table presentations to auditoria. Recent speaking engagements have included:

Teach First Summer Institute


Radio 4, The Jeremy Vine Show

Radio 4, The Rory Bremner Show

BBC Breakfast

Radio 4, Heroes of Education, series

The Festival of Education

The Education Foundation Reform Summit 2014

Policy Exchange 2015 Manifesto conference

The Oppi Festival, Helsinki Festival of Education

researchED 2013 (London), Birmingham, York

TISME science conference, KCL

The Festival of Ideas, University of Cambridge



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