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I started researchED in 2012 in response to my growing frustration that research in education was in a dreadful mess; that the worst of it often reached the classroom, and the best of it was often overlooked. In response I wrote Teacher Proof, a fairly angry challenge to educational research to up its woeful game.



As I explored further, I found more and more evidence of academics and researchers who felt just as frustrated as I did about the snake oil and the cargo cult science. With  a little prodding from Sam Freedman and Ben Goldacre, I started researchED, something that was meant to be a one-off conference to bring together teachers and academics under one roof to start a conversation between the communities.
I couldn’t have imagined the response: it sold out in a few months. Thousands of people joined us on Twitter, and within 24 hours of idly announcing it online, I had over three hundred emails offering free venues, speakers, sponsors, helpers and help with the sandwiches.  You can read about how it all started here. And you can read some of the blogs about it here.



We archived as many of the speaker films we could, and you’ll find them here on our Youtube channel.

The website launches in August 2014

the 2013 conference was followed up by regional conferences in York and Birmingham, which also sold out. The 2014 conference will be held at Raine’s Foundation School in September. And next year we have big things planned…..

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