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School Bullshit Bingo™ ! The game for all staff! Ages 5 and up.


Back at school? Got too much to do but not enough time to do it all? School helping by giving you lots of meetings to go to?

You need Bullshit Bingo™! Just draw up a handy scorecard, photocopy and circulate to your friends, if you have any, and cross a square off every time one of the words or phrases are mentioned. When you cross off the four boxes in the corner, cough loudly while saying ‘House!’. If you get all the squares, show everyone you’ve won by coughing ‘Bullshit!’ For bonus points, stand up, raise both hands in the air, and turn the cough into a barbaric whoop. BULLSHIT!!! Watch as the whole room breaks into applause, including the hard-on at the podium. Possibly.

Depending on how fashionably awful your school is, this game can last from five minutes to an eternity. Play again and again! Livens up the dreariest staff meeting!

There are no failing children, only failing teachers
Thinking skills
The research proves that…
Head Learner
Life-long learners
Be the guide from the side
21st Century learners
Sharing best practise
Catch them being good
Tailored Learning styles
Every child matters
Inclusion for all
All hail the Great Satan
Independent learning
Group work is the best way to learn
Multiple intelligences
OfSTED will be looking for…
The ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by experts!
Thinking hats
Blue sky thinking
Student voice
Evidence of learning
‘Hey! You sunk my Bullshit!’

Warning: playing Bullshit Bingo™ can seriously reduce your chances of internal promotion.