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FLOATING VOTERS WEEK Revisited (From @LabourTeachers)

Scenes From The Battleground

I wrote this post a few weeks ago For the Labour Teachers blog, where it appeared here. However, enough of it is about my views about education that it seems also appropriate to share it here as well.

Back in half term, we followed up the election defeat with a series of posts by teachers who hadn’t voted Labour in at least one of the last two general elections, but would consider it in the future. The request was that they comment on education policies which might convince them to vote Labour, although people often wrote more broadly. The posts can be found here:

  1. FLOATING VOTERS WEEK: Why I spoiled my ballot | @jcoleman85
  2. FLOATING VOTERS WEEK: Floating Away | @HeatherBellaF
  3. FLOATING VOTERS WEEK: Labour Dos and Don’ts | @stephanootis
  4. FLOATING VOTERS WEEK: I’m not that bothered about Labour losing because I’m most interested in education | @StuartLock

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