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  1. Joe (JRP Penguin) says:

    Ground down, tired, defeated by the system: I think Mrs Krabappel, Miss Hoover and Skinner are worth a mention.

    You left out Sister Act II! How could you?! It is the template for School of Rock, which, like Old Andrew, I reluctantly like.

    Another blog could be made on the student stereotypes – as long as it includes Elephant by Gus Van Sant. And Donnie Darko. Best lines in Donnie Darko:
    Noah Wyle: 'Donnie Darko'.
    Drew Barrymore: 'I know…'

  2. Lotte says:

    Things that movies/tv also say:
    teaching is a fill in job for smart folk (To Sir with Love), school staff-rooms are entirely filled with people trying to get it on with each other (Carry on Camping, Teachers, Waterloo Road),
    and they remember *every* student ever (Goodbye, Mr Chips-the '39 one, I have no idea what the '69 one is like).

    Aside: “Jack Black makes me want to hook my hand down the back of my palette and pull myself inside out” thankyouthankyouthankyou. Every single person I have told about my dislike of Jack Black and how un-amusing I found that bloody film tells me I am soulless and lacking in humour. Because apparently JB is amazing and I just don't get it.

  3. Steve Smith says:

    How about Les Choristes? Category 4? A modest, bald, patient and gifted teacher wins over a group of kids and one in particular through music. A bit slushy maybe, but a lovely film all the same. Nice blog, Tom.

  4. maths teacher says:

    (Self-publicity alert) I wrote about the annoying habit of movie teachers to never finish lessons on time here:
    It's such a cliche – bell rings whilst teacher is in mid-drone, class gets up and leaves, teacher shouts at departing bodies… enough. What would Ofsted say?

  5. Phil Ruse says:

    Have you just dissed Coach Carter?

  6. JoeN says:

    So Tom…Waterloo Road? Not film of course, but arguably far more pernicious in its cultural impact. If there was such a thing as “own brand” school drama, Waterloo Road would be it. La Classe is in a different…class!

    The irony of course is, the real thing is so much more compelling. The 14 year old girl tutee of mine, who was talking happily to a colleague on her way to first lesson Monday morning, when he keeled over and died. The boy who threw his housemaster's cat out of a second floor window in an act of revenge, the £250 in cash stuffed up a drainpipe…I could go on!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Notes on a scandal…

  8. littledormouse says:

    I'm arriving here desperately late, but just wanted to support votes for a a review of To Sir, With Love, which is absent here I wonder if due to respect. I watched that film avidly when a teenager and it both tipped the scales for me when deciding between teaching and (good heavens) law; and, ahem, started the configuration of my personal trinity of the ideal male teacher/father: Mr Thackeray, Atticus Finch and, some years later, Remus Lupin.

    I also wonder whether you have come across The Browning Version, which I think you would like. Hopefully you don't mind black-and-white and ancient actors.

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